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Avoid FINRA Compliance Risks
with AI Tools for Marketing

Meet regulatory and compliance standards with our advanced AI technology for risk detection.

Saifr's AI can ease your compliance challenges

Let Saifr handle the rote, repetitive compliance tasks so you can focus on more important initiatives. Here’s what our compliance solutions can do for you.

Safeguard against compliance risk by having AI act as another set of eyes expertly reviewing text, images, audio, and video.
Alleviate review fatigue by uncovering risks early and reducing rounds of review with marketing and content creators.
Include the correct disclosures from your firm’s repository.
Streamline auditing with robust tracking and reporting, and file directly with regulators.

What does Saifr’s AI do?


successFlags potential financial compliance risks in text, images, audio, and videos

successExplains why flagged content may be risky

successProposes less-risky alternative phrasing

successSuggests disclosures that may be needed

successAccelerates and simplifies video reviews with intelligent video transcription


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Why do compliance reviewers love Saifr?

We’re not the only ones who love Saifr