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Can you efficiently collaborate when creating content?

Saifr helps create on-brand, compliant content more efficiently so that you can get to market faster and not be in endless rounds of review.

In what seems like the dark ages, collaborating on content creation involved paper copies with pen marks in the margins, carets to show missing sections, often a few “STETs,” and handwriting that was often illegible. It was a total nightmare as you compared everyone’s comments and looped back when folks disagreed. Then, in the next round, you had to remember who marked what. Heaven help you if you lost that stack of papers! It was the definition of inefficient.

In the recent past, and for some the present, emails fly around with pdfs and word docs with comments and track changes turned on. You still need to compare everyone’s comments and loop back to gain agreement. And, then you need to recycle your emails to see who made which comment, that perhaps you decided to ignore or just forgot to include. And, you had to keep all those files in a well named folder. Not exactly the definition of efficient.

Welcome to a better, efficient way. With SaifrReview™, everyone is on the same page to create and approve content. As the content owner, you can work with the writer to get the copy how you like it. At any time, you can run the AI engine to highlight possible compliance issues that you can decide to change or not. Next, you can invite stakeholders to collaborate, and finally, send to compliance to review, share their comments, and ultimately approve. It can work just the same if your team is inside or outside of your organization. All comments, changes, and approvals are tracked automatically and are available for reporting and auditing. SaifrReview can make you more efficient.

Let’s see how it works

  1. In the picture below, you can see how the content is in the middle and the content owner and the copywriter are collaborating via highlights to the text and corresponding comments on the right side.
    collaborate 1
    For illustrative purposes
  2. At any time, the AI engine can be run to highlight possible marketing issues and compliance risks. In the picture below, you can see how the AI engine highlights sentences that might be problematic and explains why on the right side. In this example, it shows some of the content is not fair and balanced, promissory, and unwarranted. You can also see that the engine has suggested three disclosures. The content owner can make changes based on this feedback or not.1

    collaborate 2
    For illustrative purposes
  3. Content owners can easily share with legal, compliance, and other reviewers. All reviewers/collaborators can see all notes and comments, and the group can come to consensus faster because they are literally on the same page. There is no need to loop back due to conflicting comments. Once the final content is achieved, the compliance person can approve and file with their regulator if needed.

    collaborate 3

For illustrative purposes

All comments and changes can be tracked and stored for easy auditing and reporting. SaifrReview helps everyone involved in creating content to create on-brand, compliant content more efficiently so that you can get to market faster and not be in endless rounds of review.

1. Disclosure suggestions are an optional feature and rely on user’s own library. 

Sara Walker

Content Marketing Associate
Sara has a background in numerous word-related fields, including nonprofit communications, literary blogging, community media, English tutoring, and now content marketing. She holds a BA in English from Arizona State University.

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