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Speed up compliant content creation with Al add-ins


Integrate tools

Embed Saifr into software you already use

Run compliance scans with the click of a button


Boost efficiency

Save rounds of reviews with AI flagging common, recurring compliance errors

Develop content that more accurately targets your market

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Upskill staff

Leverage AI as your “compliance coach” to de-risk language

Reinforce evolving compliance standards

Get started in one click

How SaifrScan works:

  • Click the add-in button to run a Saifr scan of text or image

What Saifr’s AI does:

  • Highlights potential compliance risks
  • Explains why content was flagged
  • Proposes less-risky alternative phrasing
  • Suggests disclosures that may be needed

Details and capabilities

SaifrScan meets you where you are via software add-ins, making compliance easier and faster.

Create more compliant content up to 10x faster
with Saifr's help

Find the right compliance solution for your firm.

  Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C SaifrScan
Uses AI to highlight compliance risks
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Non-compliant image detection
close close checkmark checkmark
Explains risk of flagged content close checkmark close checkmark
Suggests compliant language
close close checkmark checkmark
Suggests disclosures
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Risk calibration/customization
checkmark based on lexicon
checkmark based on lexicon
checkmark checkmark
Marketing insights close close close checkmark
Software add-ins close close checkmark checkmark

Vendors A, B, and C represent three of Saifr's competitors providing automated marketing compliance review services. Competitors may provide other services not offered by Saifr. Features confirmed as of April 2024.

License pricing available per user or enterprise.

For more info, please contact Sales.

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