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Compliance resources

Find everything you need to streamline the compliance review process using Saifr’s innovative AI technology.

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Compliance highlights

Take a look at some of our most recent compliance resources, including product demonstrations, videos, and case studies.

The perfect reasonable accommodation: The untapped potential of AI

A personal story of how artificial intelligence can help serve as a reasonable workplace accommodation for a blind person.

SaifrReview demo

Learn how SaifrReview helps create compliant content.

Saifr overview

Saifr’s models, accessed via SaifrReview, Add-in, or API, “understand” content and help highlight potential brand guideline issues and regulatory compliance risks in text, images, and video.

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Explore our insights on AI, compliance, finance, tech, and human-computer partnerships.


Brainwaves: perspectives on AI, compliance, finance, technology, and how humans and computers are better together.


Insights and capabilities presented through articles, guides, reports, and whitepapers.


Videos of webinars, capabilities, and demos.


See answers to frequently asked questions.

Simplify compliance reviews with Saifr

We’re here to help make compliance reviews easy using our proprietary AI technology. Quickly identify potential compliance risks within your marketing content and input generated suggestions to meet regulatory compliance standards.

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Get started now with Saifr’s solutions for marketing compliance.