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Learn about our compliance software solutions

Saifr Marketing Analytics

To help marketers optimize content for their target audience, Saifr's AI models provide insights for demographics, sentiment, document readability level, and inclusive language.

Saifr’s Compliance Models

Saifr's compliance models help content creators catch and correct potential compliance issues as they are generating content.

SaifrReview Demo

SaifrReview is a collaborative workflow tool that helps marketing and compliance teams seamlessly create compliant content.

Saifr Artificial Intelligence

Learn how Saifr’s unique and powerful AI assists and empowers employees by helping detect compliance and brand risks in marketing content.

Saifr Overview

Saifr’s models, accessed via SaifrReview or SaifrScan, highlight potential brand guideline issues and regulatory compliance risks in text, images, and videos.

We’ve got your back

Learn about how our innovative compliance software solutions can help you.