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The problem

Compliant content creation is complex and time consuming.

Compliance reviews are multi-step, linear processes that have historically been inefficient. When you consider the fact that today's content creation often includes systems that have no way to create content that is compliant with industry rules, organizations are left vulnerable.

The solution

AI applications can be a game changer for financial services.

To an outsider, FinServ can look very digital. But that isn't always the case. The good news? Many processes, including compliant marketing content creation and compliance reviews, can benefit from harnessing the power of AI that's optimized for minimizing risk—not maximizing profit.

Survey says...

Adopters, skeptics, and why AI matters

To understand the current adoption and usage of AI tools in financial services marketing and compliance teams, we surveyed over 100 leaders in U.S. financial institutions, spanning junior managers to top executives across departments of all sizes. This eBook presents our findings on leaders’ attitudes toward AI, its potential risks and benefits, and its practical use cases in marketing and compliance work.

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