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Supercharge compliant content creation with an AI-powered
collaborative workflow solution

Here’s what SaifrReview's compliance solution can help you do:


Streamline teamwork

Centralize content workflow and review in one place

Enable faster feedback between teams with real-time collaboration


Increase productivity

Create cleaner drafts faster for review and approval

Bring more compliant content to market quicker


Mitigate risk

Leverage AI as an extra layer of expert review to reduce legal and brand risk exposure

Ensure your content is more compliant with evolving regulations


Create more compliant content up to 10x faster

How SaifrReview works:

  • Upload marketing content: text, video, image, or audio.
  • Run a Saifr scan to highlight potential compliance risks and see suggested disclosures.
  • Learn why content was flagged.
  • Incorporate Saifr’s suggested more compliant phrasing.
  • Add disclosures that Saifr suggests you may need.
  • Invite stakeholders to comment and edit.
  • Send to legal/compliance for their signoff.
  • File with FINRA directly from SaifrReview.

The result?

Fewer rounds of review, faster time to market, and reduced friction between teams.


Details and capabilities

What makes SaifrReview a top-notch compliance solution?


License pricing available via Per User or Enterprise.

For more info, please contact Sales.

See how Saifr stacks up

Find the right compliance solution for your firm.


  Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C SaifrReview
Real-time collaboration checkmark close close checkmark
Uses AI to highlight compliance risks close close checkmark checkmark
Non-compliant image detection close close checkmark checkmark
Video transcription & review close close close checkmark

Explains risk of flagged content

close checkmark close checkmark

Suggests compliant language

close close checkmark checkmark

Suggests disclosures 

checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Risk calibration/customization checkmark based on lexicon checkmark based on lexicon checkmark checkmark
Marketing insights close close close checkmark
SOC 2 Type 2 reference checkmark checkmark close checkmark

Vendors A, B, and C represent three of Saifr's competitors providing automated marketing compliance review services. Competitors may provide other services not offered by Saifr. Features confirmed as of July 2024.

License pricing available per user or enterprise.

For more info, please contact Sales. 

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