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Our data is our difference

Our access to robust, industry-specific data is what powers our proprietary AI models for efficient compliance reviews.

What makes our AI unique?

Saifr was born in Fidelity Labs, the in-house software incubator at Fidelity Investments. Our AI began with access to millions of documents representing 20+ years of work by thousands of marketing, regulatory, and compliance experts in various lines of business. These documents, plus those from other independent sources, were validated by former regulatory staff attorneys and feed our natural language processing (NLP) models.

These data and the resulting models overcome many of the shortcomings of rules-based lexicons and make Saifr uniquely able to help mitigate regulatory and reputational risk.

success 10s of millions
of compliance review data points

success2+ decades
of marketing and legal insights

successup to 10x faster
compliant content creation

A human-AI partnership to ease pain points

Regulations can make it difficult for marketing teams to communicate with their target audience quickly because there are usually many, slow, painful rounds of compliance review. Saifr is a human-AI partnership that boosts efficiency and frees up team members to focus on complex or creative details.

Simplifying compliance reviews with AI

Saifr’s AI and intuitive interface streamline content creation, approval, and filing processes, helping marketing and compliance teams create and approve more compliant communications faster, less expensively, and more collaboratively.

Saifr can help you generate compliant content up to 10x faster while reducing risk exposure.


We’re not the only ones who love Saifr

Interested in a Saifr API?

There are many ways to integrate Saifr APIs with your firm’s solutions and products to best suit your operational needs and take advantage of all the functionality Saifr offers. Get in touch to learn more about our comprehensive developer APIs.