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Identify bad actors sooner with SaifrScreen

We use unstructured data and advanced AI to help you detect threats earlier


Strengthen your AML/KYC program


Uncover true, relevant risks

  • Get extensive coverage from across the internet and threat/risk lists
  • Cut false positives to avoid unmanageable backlogs
  • Discover true bad actors in your customer and vendor populations
  • Onboard clients confidently across industries

Increase efficiency

  • Monitor your customer and vendor populations continuously
  • Review potential risks automatically
  • See results for a wide range of crimes
  • Enable scalability of your AML/KYC program



Maintain ongoing defense against risks

  • Screen your customer and vendor populations continuously
  • Get early warning notifications of entities becoming known risks
  • Protect your organization with sources that are constantly growing and evolving


We crawl and index over 227K sources worldwide 24/7...

190 countries
160 languages
23 billion webpages
1.5 million webpages added daily help you comply with regulatory requirements and guidelines that matter.

AML/KYC risk management that's actionable and efficient

Finds 7x the number of bad actors

Crawls and indexes data 24/7

Surfaces 47% fewer false positives


Based on 2021 assessment with a large financial institution. Client improvement experiences are for representative purposes only. Results may vary based on different factors unique to a financial institution and its customer base.

How SaifrScreen works

  • Connect via API or bulk upload your full customer and vendor populations to be reviewed for AML/KYC risks
  • See results ranked by risk probability, with sources and context for each
  • Get alerted of new risks daily
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Bulk adverse media screening

with wider coverage and higher precision

SaifrScreen can be far more precise than leading industry offerings because we leverage unstructured data and layers of AI to match searches to real risks.

SaifrScreen uses targeted unstructured data to expand coverage and catch bad actors.

Most vendors only search structured data like sanctions lists, watchlists, and Most Wanted lists—but those lists can be slow to be updated. SaifrScreen provides expansive coverage by screening unstructured data to catch threats as soon as they’re associated with wrongdoing.

Unstructured data may include:

  • Government sources
  • Arrest record aggregators
  • Court record aggregators
  • News
  • Social media
Of all internet data, 20% is structured data and 80% is unstructured data.

Unstructured data contains valuable information that many other providers can’t capture.

Extensive coverage doesn’t mean better results unless you’re using layers of sophisticated AI—like we are. SaifrScreen’s AI finds the highest probability risk matches, so you aren’t buried by false positives.

We use layers of cascading AI models to filter large amounts of data into relevant risk alerts. Our LLMs and NLP models feed into one another to understand the details and sentiment of adverse media sources, enabling precise matches of searches to risks. With SaifrScreen, one of our clients effectively monitors 50 million customers with just 2.5 analysts.

Details and capabilities

Pricing is volume based. For more information, contact Sales.

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