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How to help improve your efficiency in creating content

With the right tools, content creators can develop on-brand, compliant materials more efficiently, creating time for the more creative tasks.

Marketing develops an abundance of communications for prospects and customers—sales presentations, advertisements, websites, onboarding materials, emails, etc. The list keeps growing. You want your materials in the market being effective not in endless rounds of review. Being efficient is a great way to help achieve your goals.

Utilize a collaboration tool

In the process of creating content, there are often many collaborators and stakeholders involved. Content owners are working with copywriters, subject matter experts, legal, compliance, brand governance, etc. Often collaborators and stakeholders are outside the organization- perhaps an ad or PR agency, outside counsel, etc. It can be hard to coordinate everyone’s feedback, determine how to address conflicting comments, and later recall who changed what. If you are using email or paper, you are being inefficient and creating unnecessary security risks.

SaifrReview™ enables all internal and external collaborators to use the same tool and literally be on the same page. You simply invite reviewers to collaborate on your piece. Contributors can comment and build on each other’s suggestions to get to consensus faster. No emailing back and forth. No looping back with folks due to conflicting comments. SaifrReview also enables marketing owners to easily see the status of each piece, know who has reviewed it, and who has not. All comments, changes, and approvals are shown and tracked automatically.

Take advantage of AI where it makes sense

Humans are great at a multitude of things, but some tasks are boring, monotonous, and time consuming. Think of artificial intelligence (AI) as a new teammate who never gets tired, doesn’t need coffee, and lives for monotonous and mundane tasks, like checking grammar, verifying brand consistency, and looking up disclosures and footnotes. It doesn’t replace humans, but greatly assists and empowers them. If computers do the straightforward things, humans can engage in the more creative, challenging, and value-added tasks.

SaifrReview™ uses multiple natural language processing (NLP) models to “understand” content and identify brand elements such as tone, gender, age, sentiment, etc. Each piece is analyzed, and potentially problematic words, phrases, and images are highlighted. The tool explains why each item was flagged and the content owner can decide to proactively change, or not. SaifrReview helps make staying on brand easy and proactive.

In addition to brand components, the Saifr NLP models highlight simple regulatory risks. The tool analyzes content, videos, and images to determine if they might be promissory, exaggerated, unwarranted, misleading, etc. It can also help by suggesting straightforward footnotes and disclosures. Content creators can proactively make changes before the legal/compliance team even starts their review. By removing the first pass, your compliance teams can perform their reviews faster and focus on more complex issues. SaifrReview helps deliver on-brand, compliant materials faster and more efficiently using AI.

Store everything in one place

Once you have efficiently created your materials, you aren’t done. You also need to store them for easy access and track their expiration dates to make sure only current, accurate information is being shared with the public. Sometimes you need to remove the piece from circulation, and sometimes you need to plan for updates before the piece expires. Either way, SaifrReview securely stores all materials, and the dashboard automatically shows the content owner which pieces are set to expiration and when. Content owners can easily stay on top of their inventory to be able to plan their time and work efficiently.

Make tracking and measurement automatic

Using one tool to collaborate, track, and store all marketing materials will increase efficiency. SaifrReview automatically tracks all comments, changes, approvals and provides reporting. You can easily determine the average time it really takes for pieces to go from start to approval. You can see your pain points and bottlenecks and work to track and remove them. Are there certain partners who are slow to respond or keep making changes at the last minute? Clear tracking also allows you to plan capacity for your team.

With the right tools, content creators can develop on-brand, compliant materials more efficiently, creating time for the more creative and fun parts of the process.


Sara Walker

Content Marketing Associate
Sara has a background in numerous word-related fields, including nonprofit communications, literary blogging, community media, English tutoring, and now content marketing. She holds a BA in English from Arizona State University.

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