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Fair Use Policy

This policy was last modified in February 2022. 

Fair use limits applying to client instances of Saifr.

This Fair Use Policy (FUP) forms an integral part of the Saifr Software Agreement (or other applicable agreement) between the Client and Saifr regarding Saifr Software and Services. Capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meaning in the applicable Agreement. If you do not agree with this FUP, do not use any Saifr Software or Services. The limits outlined below apply solely to current plan and may be changed by Fidelity Labs at any time as described below. If a Schedule applicable to Client’s order includes different limits from any of the limits below, then that Schedule takes precedence.

Utility limits

Standard Provisioned Environment

Every new environment begins with a private installation of Saifr. The standard client instance includes the following limits:

Metric Maximum quota Unit of measure
Total API calls (CMA, CPA, CDA) 25,000 Calls per month
Asset bandwidth 0.25 Terabytes (TBs) per month per space


Mid-Tier and Enterprise installations include the following limits:

Metric Maximum quota Unit of measure
Total API calls (CMA, CPA, CDA) 100,000 Calls per month
Asset bandwidth 0.25 Terabytes (TBs) per month per space

If API calls exceed the above limits, the Saifr Software and Services ordered by Client may suffer service degradation to the overall set of instances. Fidelity Labs is not responsible for that degradation or for any missed service level commitments that are affected. Additional capacity can be provisioned, under a separate professional services engagement.


Enterprise tier includes the following limits.

Metric Maximum quota Unit of measure
Asset bandwidth 0.75 Terabytes (TBs) per month per space

API calls for Enterprise customers do not accrue overages and are bound by our technical limits. Extra asset bandwidth consumption will be billed at $65/1 TB/month. The fees apply per starting quota of TB. Saifr does not set a cap on the asset bandwidth your organization can consume. Note that utility limits can be exceeded with scaling capacity specifically for the “Client’s” environment.

The usage of asset bandwidth is measured on a calendar monthly basis. The usage is reset to zero on the first day of each new period. For example, if you signed up on the 15th, your usage period is set to be from the 15th of the current calendar month to the 14th of the next calendar month. Overages are charged for full TB units, once Client’s applicable maximum usage limit is exceeded. Unused bandwidth expires at the end of the then current usage period and does not rollover to future periods.

Technical limits

Please note that use of Saifr is subject to system limits to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the Software and Service infrastructure provided to the “Client” at installation. These limits are identified in the technical limits section of the developer documentation.

If your Software or Service usage exceeds the limits listed above, Fidelity Labs reserves the right to take corrective action, including, but not limited to, the throttling of our APIs, capping storage, and other actions necessary to return Service levels.

If you require higher limits, please contact an account manager to discuss available options.

Trial space limited use case

The Trial environments (also known as Proof of Concept/PoC spaces) we offer to our Enterprise customers are available only under an appropriate Schedule to your Agreement with Fidelity Labs that we will provide to you. In addition to the Schedule, the following fair use limitations apply to these spaces:

  • Trial spaces are intended for non-production development and testing purposes only unless otherwise stated in the Schedule and are limited to 30 days
  • Trial spaces are free of charge, save for excess charges for bandwidth quotas set out above
  • Service level commitments do not apply to Trial spaces. All other terms of the Agreement do apply, including the Saifr Terms of Use.
  • Trial spaces can be converted into regular production spaces subject to a signed new (or change) Schedule. Any fees will then apply as agreed in such Schedule.
  • Saifr may apply technical restrictions to Trial spaces to enforce the above fair use conditions (such as: limiting user roles; limiting access to the Trial space; limiting IP address or email domain ranges used in connection with the space; throttling API calls and bandwidth; restricting CDN usage; requiring specific headers for API calls and, if Saifr suspects misuse of a Trial space, suspend or terminate such space).
  • Saifr reserves the right to discontinue offering Trial spaces at any time.

Changes to this Policy

Fidelity Labs may modify this Policy at any time without notice to you. The most current version of will be provided upon request or can be viewed online at Any continued use of the Saifr Software or Services after such modifications shall constitute acceptance by you of such changes.