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How can AI help video and audio compliance reviews be more efficient?

Saifr's AI can transcribe video and audio content and scan for possible compliance and brand risks, helping to make their review more efficient.

Video and audio are becoming a greater part of the marketing mix in both B2B and B2C. Not only are there video ads, video product guides, but also podcasts and webinars. And, with more folks working remotely, videos are a growing way to keep in touch with prospects and clients. But compliance reviews of the ever-increasing number of videos can be challenging.

If you are a compliance reviewer, how do you efficiently review a video for regulatory compliance? Stopping, starting, rewinding, capturing the time stamps is all very frustrating and time consuming. SaifrReview™ can make it so much easier and faster!

Load your video and/or audio files in MP4 format (no need to email anywhere). You can also include the URL so that both video and text are in the same document for review and storage.

SaifrReview will quickly transcribe your videos’ audio to text. It will not take days to weeks like typical transcription services. The tool will notify you when it is done. If it is a very long video, go get a cup of coffee; and your transcription will be ready. Best of all, Saifr’s AI models understand financial terms and will show “401(k)” and “mutual fund plan”—not “four oh one kay” and “mutual fun planned” like some others might.

SaifrReview's advantages: 

- Fast
- Cost saving potential 
- Lower security risks due to inhouse processing
- Outstanding accuracy, especially for financial terms
- Notes possible compliance risks
- Highlights possible disclosures
- 17a-4 storage

Once translated to text, the natural language processing (NLP) models scan the documents for possible regulatory issues and highlight them. They can also show any recommended disclosures. While you obviously still need to review the entire video, SaifrReview can help you concentrate on which videos might have the most issues and where in those videos you may want to focus. Let’s see how it works.

  • Load video
  • See transcription
  • Highlighted risks
  • See dashboard of videos to see which have the most issues
For illustrative purposes only

If videos are becoming a bottleneck in your compliance process, it might be time to consider the power of AI to help you be more efficient.

Video length and file size limitations may apply.


Sara Walker

Content Marketing Associate
Sara has a background in numerous word-related fields, including nonprofit communications, literary blogging, community media, English tutoring, and now content marketing. She holds a BA in English from Arizona State University.

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